ARPAC Overview


All ARPAC stretch wrappers are manufactured using quality materials and components in ARPAC’s Stretch Wrap Focus Factory under strict adherence to the Lean Manufacturing Process (AM2).
All stretch wrappers use welded heavy-duty reinforced structural steel construction for around-the-clock operation and time tested steel chain and sprocket design for all power drive systems. The powder coat finish provides a durable scratch resistant surface and prevents corrosion.
Download Arpac’s Stretch Wrapping Systems Overview Data Sheet

ARPAC ProSeries

ProSeries Stretch Wrapper

The PRO-SERIES® is part of a robust line of stretch wrapping equipment designed to maximize stretch film usage while ensuring the very best load unitization. All ARPACSTRETCHTM equipment is constructed with heavy-duty reinforced structural steel, and finished with non-corrosive powder coat finish, to guarantee years of reliable wrapping. The PRO-SERIES® is manufactured in the USA and sold through our nationwide distributor network.
Download the Pro-Series Stretch Wrapper Data Sheet

ARPAC Patriot

Patriot Stretch Wrapper

This stretch wrappers rich design makes it the perfect entry level machine. Ideal for low volume production environments, The PATRIOT can help reduce labor and material costs while improving production efficiencies at the same time. The chain driven turntable and carriage and all steel welded construction make it one of the most durable machines on the market. If you are ready to automate your pallet wrapping process, contact the experts at Zepak.
Download the Patriot Stretch Wrapper Data Sheet

ARPAC Wrap-n-Weigh

Wrap-n-Weigh Stretch Wrapper

All ARPACSTRETCHTM platform stretch wrapper models are available in the WRAP-N-WEIGH® configuration. This alternative feature combines wrapping and weighing into one operation by integrating a precision scale and digital controls with either high or low profile turntables. Combining the two functions into one brings greater economy and efficiency to any wrapping operation requiring weighing. All low profile models are designed to be loaded using a pallet truck.
Download the Wrap-n-Weigh Stretch Wrapper Data Sheet