AirSpeed AC

AirSpeed Hybrid Cushioning system

At speeds of 75 feet a minute, it’s the fastest void fill machine of its kind on the market. AirSpeed™ HC material is ideal for void fill – top, sides and bottom, cushioning, block and brace, wrapping and packing and light duty cushioning.
Download the AirSpeed void fill system data sheet


GeoSpeed Paper Void Fill System

The GeoSpeed™ paper system is the answer for those who want a fast and easy-to-operate system that provides exceptionally flexible and eco-friendly packaging material. Pregis’ newest system delivers crumpled, recyclable, renewable and biodegradable kraft paper at variable speeds of up to 70
inches per second! The design produces tightly crumpled paper that is great for void-fill, cushioning, wrapping or blocking and bracing.
Download the GeoSpeed paper void fill system data sheet

AirSpeed Inflatable

AirSpeed Inflatable Void Fill System

Here’s a convenient and cost-effective way to create inflatable cushions on-demand for compact or lower demand packaging operations– the AirSpeed™ Smart™ system. Our new lightweight system offers portability, durability and functionality.With great ease, Smart™ turns flat, easy-to-store, market leading performance film into lightweight, non-abrasive void-fill cushioning.
Download the AirSpeed Inflatable void fill system data sheet