Sealed Air


PriorityPak Automated Packaging Systems

The PriorityPak system shortens the packaging process and maximizes your use of labor by creating up to 20 packages a minute, compared to only 1-3 packages a minute when using manual packaging methods.
Download the PriorityPak Automated Packaging System data sheet

FastFil Paper Void Fill Equipment

The FasFil Paper Void Fill System from Sealed Air, an innovative, game-changing solution for packing operations of all sizes. Capitalizing on a variety of proprietary features, the FasFil system is intuitive and efficient, requiring minimal training and maintenance.
Download the FastFill paper void fill system data sheet

FastFil EZ Paper Void Fill Equipment

Sealed Air’s innovative new FasFil® EZ™ paper void fill system delivers a solution for small-cell packing stations. It’s perfect for customers who need a packing system that improves performance, productivity, shipping quality — and offers responsible packaging.
Download the FastFill EZ paper void fill system data sheet

Fill-Air Cyclone inflatable packaging system

Fill-Air Cyclone The Fill-Air Cyclone inflatable packaging system produces 65 feet of inflatable void fill cushions per minute in a variety of sizes – fast enough to keep up with the most demanding packaging operations. The small footprint gives you the flexibility to use the Fill-Air Cyclone system on demand in decentralized tabletop environments, or online for increased efficiency.
Download the Fill-Air Cyclone inflatable packaging system data sheet

FillTeck Inflatable Packaging System

FillTeck Plus film provides additional strength for fragile provide custom performance cushioning for items. FillTeck X film products of any shape and size. With the touch is for heavy products of a button, the operator has the ability to specify the height and length of the cushioning material. The Versatility of FillTeck systems allows you to work on-line or batch material off-line.
Download the FillTech inflatable packaging system data sheet

PackTiger Paper Cushioning System

The PackTiger paper packaging system from Sealed Air, the fastest paper packaging system in the industry, creates custom-length paper pads, up to 150 per minute, which can be used in a variety of packaging techniques, including cushioning and blocking and bracing.
Download the PackTiger Paper Cushioning System data sheet