Brandpac Shrink Wrapping Systems
This versatile continuous motion bottom overlap shrink wrapping system operates on demand, without a seal bar to shrink wrap up to 75 unsupported multipacks or trays per minute, depending on the height and weight of the product. The BPMP-5000 system uses a wide range of groupers to collate a variety of product shapes into patterns. Download Brandpac Shrink Wrapping Systems Data Sheet
Corrugated Shrink Wrapper
Corrugated Packaging Systems
Choose from a variety of Arpac Corrugated Packaging Systems:
  • Continuous Motion Tray Loaders
  • Intermittent Motion End Load Tray/Case Packers
  • Intermittent Motion Wrap Around Tray/Case Packers
Download Corrugated Packaging Systems Data Sheet
Horizontal Shrink Wrapper
Horizontal Shrink Wrappers
ARPAC specializes in manufacturing heavy-duty, standard and custom-designed horizontal shrink wrapping systems for a broad range of industrial users. Zepak carries ARPAC’s extensive line of horizontal wrappers are designed for just about any application, from small multipacks to large windows and corrugated flats. Download Horizontal Shrink Wrapper Data Sheet
Shrink Bundler
Shrink Bundlers
Zepak carries an extensive line of shrink bundlers can be designed for just about any application. Collated bottles, cans, bags, stacked cartons, paper products and building materials are just a few of the products that can be shrink bundled. Less expensive than traditional corrugated packaging, shrink bundling is increasingly becoming a preferred packaging method. In addition to improved product protection from dirt, moisture and other harmful environmental conditions, shrink bundled packages typically require less handling and have increased marketing appeal. Through the use of clear or printed shrink films, shrink wrapped packages have strong shelf presence and are perfect for retail display. Download Shrink Bundler Data Sheet