Tape Packaging Equipment

Intertape Poymer Group is a major integrated provider of both pressure-sensitive tape and case taping machinery, providing timely system solutions and a wide variety of standard case sealing machinery for quick delivery.
Download Tape Packaging Equipment Data Sheet

Gum Tape Equipment

As the market leader for water-activated carton-sealing tape, IPG’s commitment continues with the introduction of state-of-the-art gum tape dispensers. This superior line of dispensers offer improved features and benefits enhancing the value created by an integrated system of closure material and dispenser.
Download Gum Tape Equipment Data Sheet

Manual Tape Machine

It is often helpful to use one of our Semi Auto-matic or Manual lever action Paper Tape Dispenser for a fast and efficient way to apply Paper Tapes. Contact the experts at Zepak about Water Activated Tape Machines.