Air Pillows

AirSpeed® 5000

Produce inflatable on-demand void fill, cushioning and containment packaging with the AirSpeed 5000 system. Chains of pillows are created using ambient air, eliminating the need for an external air supply source making the unit truly portable to fit your unique packing operation.​

AirSpeed® Smart
The Airspeed Smart is a convenient and cost-effective way to create on-demand inflatable cushions. The compact, lightweight system is portable, durable and perfect for fitting into smaller work-stations and packaging operations. With ease the machine turns high performance film into lightweight, non-abrasive void-fill cushioning for a variety of packaging needs.

The MINI PAK’R® was specifically designed for areas where space is at a premium, such as compact pack stations, ship-from-store retailers and small business owners. This simple to operate, compact on-demand air cushion system will enhance both your packaging operation and customer experience by increasing efficiencies and reducing damages. Perfect for small businesses.


Easypack®  Quantum™ XTW
This versatile paper void fill system was created for high volume operations, yet is compact enough to support decentralised pack stations. Its magazine holds up to 6 bundles of fanfold paper, creating over 14 cubic metres of consistent void-fill packaging, so packers can spend their time…packing.

Easypack® Packmaster™ Pro
The most advanced on-demand paper packaging system available today. The Packmaster Pro delivers a range of lightweight, robust paper cushions that are easily moulded around any product. This sustainable packaging is perfect for safely packing delicate items and heavy industrial goods alike.

Easypack® Packmate™ Pro
Its sleek and compact design allow the Packmate Pro to fit into any production environment, perfect for multi-station packing needs. Eco-friendly paper is used to produce lightweight, ultra strong cushions that are easily molded around any product, delivering maximum protection.

Bubble On Demand

AirSpeed® Ascent
The packaging system that will elevate your brand perception.

Pregis’ new high-pressure air system is now available! The AirSpeed Ascent is the most reliable air system Pregis has ever created. It makes Hybrid Cushioning, an inflatable cushioning with a proprietary square pattern that provides better product protection and superior customer experience. 

Pack with the AirSpeed Ascent and HC to safely deliver products and WOW! customers with an unforgettable unboxing experience!